quinta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2009

This road

This road cries all the spilt time over,
It´s so volatile…It´s so ripe
That makes faces in order to cover
All shadow ,all day ,all night.

Oh… a dust has settled to a source
From my eyes. to my eyes
Something ,in the sky, flies
In front of this road ,making my divorce.

A crime,my mind,my crime.
This road cries all the spilt time.

It´s blowing a gale that fail
Wresting my nail
And now i´m diving ,through this pain,on this road
Long long road.

That´s crying ,fastly, all the spilt remainder.

I don't know why nobody told me
How to unfold it loves
I don't know how a way controlled me
It got hold off me.
My road is a outflow,
That makes me don´t know
Live or love, a place to go.


I will be blowing towards the sun ,and singing to feel,
On this road of my core ,
Or i´ll be sleeping to be a heart that's full up like a landfill.

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